Html Special Characters


PopChar  v.

PopChar is a character map program that helps you in selecting special characters from different fonts. It makes 'typing' of unusual characters easy without having to remember keyboard combinations.

Indoition Hotkey Script Collection  v.2013

Enter special characters and and typographically correct dashes, quotation marks, etc easily; transform the Caps Lock key into a regular Shift key; look up any selected term in online dictionaries; use an extended text clipboard; and much more ...


PopChar Pro  v.1.6

PopChar Pro places a floating window anywhere you desire, which gives you instant access to any character in a particular font family.

Easy Beat  v.2.2.1

Easy Beat is a music authoring program that uses the QuickTime Music Architecture (QTMA) to play songs.

HTML Character Converter  v.1.2.2003

HTML Character Converter allows you to encode special characters into HTML.

PF Image-2-HTML  v.1.0

PF Image-2-HTML is a program that converts normal or animated images into HTML colored characters.

PopChar Win  v.7.0

PopChar lets you easily insert special characters, umlauts, etc. into your documents. No need to remember keystrokes. You can search for characters by name, find fonts that contain certain characters, preview fonts, and more.

KavaServices  v.2.0

KavaServices adds commands to the Services menu that let you:- Translate text back and forth between several languages- Calculate mathematical expressions- Convert currencies and other units- Encode special characters into HTML entities- Execute term

CaraSpecia  v.

In a HTML text, some "special characters" (letters with accents used in some languages, signs like �?

Lexibar Maltese  v.1 3

Lexibar Maltese gives rapid access to Maltese special characters not available on your keyboard.The orientation of Lexibar Maltese can be changed by pressing the keyboard space bar.

Password Creator Professional  v.5 4

Password Creator Professional allows you to generate an unlimited number of passwords for any purpose. Use any combination of letters, numbers, special characters and even REAL words. Generate up to 200,000 passwords at a time.

Lexibar French  v.

Lexibar French gives rapid access to French special characters not available on your keyboard. The orientation of Lexibar French can be changed by pressing the keyboard space bar.

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